Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Home tips to reduce weight

1. Try to intake the unprocessed food like fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
2. Eat more fiber food; avoid sugar in coffee and juice.
3. Don’t eliminate the fat food completely; it is required to maintain the health body.
4. Cut out fried food, always start with soup or salad and finish with fruits.
5. Exercise regularly for 30-60 minutes daily to burn the unwanted calories.
6. Drink hot water with cardamom to have proper digestion.
7. Keep laughing always, it will increase the heart rate and speed up the metabolism.
8. Ear citrus fruits as they contain more potassium which sodium and water in body.
9. Drink a glass of water before food to control the appetite.
10. Eat amla or 5-6 tulsi leaves in empty stomach.
11. Chew the food thoroughly before swallowing to get quick digestion.
12. Avoid caffeine products, it will increase insulin and decrease the burning of fat.
13. Stress plays a major role in weight gain; avoid it by doing yoga and meditation.
14. Don’t skip breakfast; drink plenty of water and sleep well daily.
15. It is recommended to drink coconut water to lose weight, also use honey instead of sugar.