Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tips to prevent bad body odour

• Apply small amount of vinegar on the underarms with a piece of cotton.
• Remove the hair from the underarms, so as to prevent the sweat rings.
• After bathing practice using deodorant containing aluminium chloride.
• Wear cotton clothes to absorb the sweat and change it daily.
• Wash the clothes with good detergent and dry those in the sun.
• Drink water at regular intervals to dilute the sweat.
• Avoid spicy and processed foods, always eat low fat foods and fruits.
• Take bath daily in lukewarm water with anti bacterial soap.

You can prepare a home based deodorant by mixing the following:
Melt half ounce of each coco butter and beeswax.
1 tablespoon of each rose water and glycerin.
Alovera juice can also be mixed with above.
 Keep any deodorant in refrigerator to increase its life and also to refresh you while applying in summer season.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to get better skin?

1. Don't eat fatty foods as it give dullness and ageing effect to the skin.
2. Stress will have negative effect on the skin. Do yoga or meditation to avoid stress.
3. Environmental pollution can damage the skin. So be covered while going such places.
4. Apply good sunscreen lotions while going out during day time.
5. Avoid coffee and alcohol to get good moisturizing skin.

6. Sleep at least 7-8 hours a day, because lack of sleep associated with ageing problems.
7. Avoid eating more sugar based foods, it can result in wrinkles.
8. Give proper cleansing to the skin, if not it will lead to bacteria build up and break outs of the skin.
9. Don’t talk bath in hot water (very hot), it will lead to redness and damage the skin.
10. Eat fruits between the foods; it can give beautiful glow to the skin.