Monday, June 25, 2012

Skin foods

The health of the skin can be maintained in good condition by eating the proper diet. It is vital to include fruits & vegetables, nuts, whole grains and dairy products to have a flawless skin.

1. Deficiency of vitamin A in the body may lead the skin to become dry, rough and have blackheads and whiteheads.
2. If the vitamin B is deficient, the blood circulation would be abnormal and makes the skin to look dull.
3. Vitamin B2 deficiency may lead to oily skin, brown pigmentation and makes the mouth to crack & sore.
4. The deficiency of vitamin C would lead to wrinkles in the skin as the cells and tissues cannot bind together. Also it speeds up the aging of skin.
5. Avoid refined carbohydrates, sugar based foods, fizzy drinks, junk and fried foods as these are the main culprits which would makes the skin to look dull with blemishes.

The best way to keep the skin smooth and soft is to eat the right nutritious food and drink plenty of fluids along with the regular exercises and positive attitude. Anti-aging foods