Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Home Beauty Secrets

 Simple home beauty secrets are listed here for all to get natural glow.
1. It is essential to limit the intake of sugar & sugar based foods, oily foods, colas and Maida. These can cause hormonal imbalances, acne, increases facial hair and hair fall as these are empty in calories.
Drink enough water, sleep adequately, identify the skin type and use the home products according to it. These are the vitals skin care routine to follow regularly.

2. After workouts or exercise, it is good to wash the face, neck and back immediately. This would prevent the breakouts since dirt and bacteria have an affinity to oily sweaty skin.
Also sleeping with make up at night would lead to breakouts. Wash it off before sleep as the skin needs to breath.
3. Prepare homemade paste with aloe-vera and apply it on the skin during night. This would help in increasing the cell turnover rate. Applying homemade paste with vitamin C extracts at night time helps to lighten the pigmentation.
Both ideas are helps to get a hydrated, smooth & young skin as they would repair and regenerate collagen by exfoliating the dead skin cells.
4. Eat vitamin A rich diet, many colored fruits & vegetables to get blemish free skin. Exercise regularly to improve the blood circulation and to flush out the toxins.
Stress leads to skin breakouts as it increases cortisol levels. So it is essential to manage the stress by proper methods to continue with flawless skin.

5. Washing up the skin with lukewarm water raises the temperature of the skin and thereby dilating the pores and blood vessels. So the applied products (for beauty) move through the skin and interact with the cells at faster rate.
 Washing the face with cold water would result in closing of pores.

Follow the simple beauty secrets at home and get flawless beauty forever. How to get better skin?


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