Friday, October 12, 2012

Simple Makeup Tips

It is essential to use the makeup shades which compliment the skin tone, as the natural one tanned due to sun exposure and pollution. Also choose the right shades for makeup depends on the undertone. It would be beautiful if the applied makeup matches to the skin undertone. Some simple makeup tips:

1. Makeup should be started with cleansing and toning the skin to remove the surface oils. The presence of oil in the skin would cause the makeup to fade and smear quickly.
2. After cleansing and toning, apply a natural moisturizer to the face. It helps to prevent the absorption of makeup into the pores.
3. A good quality foundation cream with water proof can be used next. Do not rub the foundation into the skin, just use a mild sponge to apply it, in the up and down direction and blend it around the edges.
4. Then use the puff or powder blush to apply loose powder in all areas like chin, forehead, nose and neck.
5. Use blush to add color to the face and it should blend with the skin color.

6. Apply a good quality, light weight translucent powder overall face and neck to make the makeup lasts for more hours.
7. Apply eyeliner and kohl for eye makeup in light layers. Two coats of mascara can be applied on powdered eyelashes to make the eye perfect.
8. Try to apply the eye shadow both in cream and powder form. Neutral powder or light pink blush dipped brush can also be used to finish the eye makeup.
9. For lips, apply a thin layer of foundation. Use neutral lip pencil to line and fill the whole lips. Choose the lipstick color that matches to your skin color and apply thin coat of it. Blot it and the finish the lip makeup with a mild layer of gloss.
10. If you are in office, for a big meeting or a conference after lunch, quick touch ups may need. So, it is essential to have a blush, couple of lip glosses and eye shadows always with you.

Always keep the makeup light and natural to look well and beautiful. Simple Beauty Secrets

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