Monday, September 20, 2010

Beauty tips with papaya and saffron

• To avoid pimples and to remove the dark spots left by the pimples grind a papaya and apply it to the face.
• Grind papaya with outer skin and consign it to the face to avoid aging. It is the best anti-aging fruit.
• Grind papaya with a lotus leaf and massage the sun exposed areas with it to get the original skin colour.
• Boil 5 leaves of papaya for 5 minutes and squash it in a bucket of water. Use this while taking head bath to get black and shining hair.
• Cut papaya into very fine pieces. Add vinegar up to the papaya soaks. Close it tightly for 1 week. Apply it on the face with cotton and wash it off after 10 minutes. The face will look bright.
• Apply the following mixture as a face pack for 15 minutes. Grinded papaya (2 pieces), papaya vinegar and one table spoon of honey.
• Home facial tip: - One table spoon each of papaya vinegar and honey and little aloe-vera gel. Mix the above and massage the face with it and wash it off.
• Soak 10 strings of saffron with 4 to 5 pieces of almond whole night. Grind nicely and apply it as a face pack for 15 minutes.
• Take 5 basil leaves and 10 to 15 strings of saffron and grind it very nicely. Put this mixture on the pimples twice weekly. Pimples will go off and never come again.
• Black spots and black rings on the face can be removed by applying whole knighted soaked, grinded quarter cup off soaked saffron on it.
• Take 2 table spoons of pure milk and 1 table spoon of gram dhal and soak it for whole night. Grind it with 10 strings of saffron and put it on the face. Wash it of after 15 minutes to avoid the dullness on the face.
• Boil pure distilled water and add 10 to 15 strings of saffron and milk powder. Then grind it nicely and place this mix on the face so as to get a charming look.


  1. Saffron is an excellent remedy for the home. Take one or two leaves, saffron, add a little milk. When the color of milk changes, apply to face and neck. Wash off after 20 minutes, you will get results.

  2. I thought that Papaya and saffron are only used for eating and never imagined that they will be so much useful in the beauty oh human beings. I really appreciate that it is one of the best blogs over internet on natural beauty tips.

  3. Papaya is a great fruit which is useful in getting rid of all unwanted things in the body.

  4. did i want to use boiled milk or unboiled milk to soak saffron

  5. Well, skin of papaya is very useful to treat skin problems like skin wounds, enzyme and many skin disorders. Application papaya on the face lead glowing skin.