Monday, October 25, 2010

General home tips for beauty

The skin is often clogged with dust, pollution and make-up. So proper care is important for a healthy looking skin. Basic steps to follow:-
1. Wash the face with lukewarm water to open the pores and allow cleansing after that. Splash some cold water to close the pores.
2. Milk and curd can be applied often to the skin. Lactic acid present in milk has anti aging properties that aids shedding of dead skin cells and helps hydrate the skin for a rejuvenate look.
3. The cold milk compress also helps to cool the skin immediately after any sun burn.
4. But the milk products are not good for oily or acne-prone skin. For oily skin freshly grinded sandalwood paste which is a good substitute for milk.5. Good natural cleansing agents for the skin include besan (gram flour) and oatmeal. Make a smooth paste of either in water, gently apply it on the skin and wash after 20 minutes.
6. Other natural beauty aids include cucumber juice for dark circle around the eyes and papaya, strawberry and grape pulp for toning the skin
7. Almond based home made face packets can be used to get perfect blemish free skin. Also eat a hand of almonds whenever hunger between meals.

Essential vitamins needs to pamper the skin:
Vitamin A: It penetrates skin to increase collagen production, eventually smoothing lines. It makes the skin more elastic. Too much or too little vitamin A may lead to rough and dry skin. Egg and dairy products are the sources of Vitamin A.

Vitamin B: It helps the skin from toxins and decreases brown blotches. It regulates the oil secretion and prevents the skin from dermatitis. It helps to relieve the irritation that can be a side effect of vitamin A creams. Banana, meat, fish are the best sources of Vitamin B.

Vitamin C: It can stimulate collagen to help build up the skin and smooth lines. It would be better it applied at night. Cabbage, citrus fruits, melons are the good sources of it.
Vitamin E: It blocks the cancer causing effects of UV light and slows the production of wrinkles. It moisturizes the skin and helps to heal burns and inflammation. It also enhances the efficiency of sunscreen, decreasing redness and swelling after sun exposure. Nuts, green vegetables, vegetable oil contains Vitamin E.

Alpha and beta hydroxy acid (AHA & BHA): Both can be used as to exfoliate the skin. By peeling of the top layer of the dead skin, it gives you a more youthful appearance. It is very effective in treating many common skin concerns like wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, acne and even dry, blistering skin. Sugar canes, malic and tartaric acid in fruits, milk are some of the natural sources.

It is very important that a test should be made with a small patch of the facial skin first to ensure that they do not trouble the skin.


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  2. Keep a positive attitude and a happy prospect. Angry antagonistic positions or attitudes, and face because of her beauty to fade, and make the wrinkles come a lot sooner.To prevent dark circles under the eyes, try sleeping with two or three pillows.

  3. I have noted down all this steps in my diary will try out today itself so that my face always looks beautiful and refreshing. Thanks for great help.

  4. Hi Myself Esha.
    Really awesome tips for beauty. Everyone wants to look younger and beautiful Beauty cosmetics do that. Makeup give you a Gorgeous look.

  5. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of water daily. Avoid junk foods and stay away from diary products. Always try use only herbal products for skin.