Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Simple foot care tips at home

Some simple foot care tips are listed for my visitors. While speaking about beauty, it is vital to include the caring of feet also. It is necessary to take care of it both during summer and winter. As it carries the whole weight of the body, regular pampering is required to avoid blisters and other fungal infections. Simple tips to follow at home are,
 1. Always keep your feet clean. Wash it regularly to remove the dirt.
2. Apply a layer of sunscreen lotion on the feet, while stepping out.
3. Try to use covered shoes or cut shoes to prevent it from tanning.
4. Apply moisturizer cream on the feet at day time and apply olive oil during bed time.
5. Exfoliate regularly. How? Apply foot scrub (homemade contains salt, sugar and oatmeal) to remove the dead skin at least twice a month.

Home tips for cracked heels:
 Many of us are ignoring to take care of the feet. It leads to cracked heels which finally results in ugly-looking, unhealthy and itchy feet as shown in the picture. Here are some good remedies to cure it.

1. Give daily massage to the feet with a good moisturizing lotion to remove dryness of the skin.
2. Melt some paraffin wax; add little coconut oil to it. Apply this on the cracked heels before going to sleep at night. Wash it off with lukewarm water in next morning.
3. Soak the cracked feet in hot water with salt for 20-30 minutes. This will definitely improve the circulation of blood. Finally wash the feet with cold water.
4. As the skin is more prone to cuts and cracks, it is very important to drink more water to keep the skin hydrated. How to get better skin?
5. Mix honey and little olive oil with water. Soak the feet in it to heal the cracks.
6. Add little liquid bathing soap to the hot water; soak your feet in it. This will loosen the dead skin on the heels. Rub your feet gently with soft scrubber then apply moisturizer cream on it.
  A good foot massage can have a direct bearing on your state of mind. It also makes you to feel relaxed and relieves pain. To keep you rejuvenated and fresh do foot massage. There are many types of foot massages available for you. Some are stone massage, deep tissue massage, foot reflexology etc. Opt for the suitable one and have shining feet.


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  5. Make sure you dry your feet carefully by patting them rather than rubbing. Take special care to dry between your toes.Use a basin, foot bath or a regular bath. Place both feet in.

  6. With a cuticle cutter, nip the protruding cuticles carefully without damaging the skin.Caring your foot regularly can also include to protect them from such injuries and infections.

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  9. Always use comfortable footwear and never walk without wearing anything because you may hurt yourself.Use foot massage cream to the palms of your feet and gently work it into your feet one foot at a time.