Saturday, November 17, 2012

Simple skin care tips for dry skin in winter

People with dry skins are needed to take care of their skin during winter. The dry skin would worsen more due to the chill climate. If the dryness in the skin continues, it would lead to wrinkles and fine lines. So it is vital to follow the best skin care routine to combat the dryness. Simple skin care tips for dry skin during winter are discussed below.

Wash the skin at least twice a day to remove the dirt from it and use an oil based moisturizer for dry skin to get soft and healthy skin.
Apply a good sunscreen lotion and moisturizer to the skin before stepping out.
Do not use hard soaps and avoid hot water baths. Use cleansing lotion after bath to protect the natural oils in the skin.
Massage the skin with olive oil in upward movements. Then apply a collagen cream to the skin regularly. Follow this at least once in a week.
To moisturize the skin naturally, include omega3 rich foods in the diet and drink two liters of water daily.

Eating the foods with eggs, garlic, onions, tomatoes, olives and vitamin C rich foods would keep the skin youthful with awesome glow and remove the dryness of the skin.
The papaya and banana are rich in water and essential vitamins. Mix equal quantity of both and apply as a pack to the skin to get rid of its dryness.
Remove the makeup thoroughly and apply a mild body lotion before sleeping. Wash the face with rose water at least thrice in a week to get flawless skin.
Coconut based products and coconut water is very good for dry skin, as they can penetrate into the skin easily and would finally result in hydrated skin. 
Avoid using face masks during this season as it would suck the natural oils from the skin. But face mask made of Avocado with olive oil can be used if needed.
Many skin care products are available in the market but it is good to pick out the suitable home tips and follow them regularly to get a glowing skin.


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